We love our work, always aiming for a service of absolute value. We believe in the possibility of constant improvement, with our purpose being to offer our partners and stakeholders complete satisfaction, always!

We offer innovative products and services with agile and well-defined processes based on maximum expertise to facilitate business management.

We listen, observe, analyze, navigate changes, and pursue innovation. We like to contribute to environmental well-being and encourage sustainable practices.

Our Code of Ethics is designed to spread a culture of responsible business. We support the communities we interact with and endorse social initiatives in the areas where we operate.

We believe in inclusion in all its forms and genders. We are an internationally minded entity that proudly involves collaborators from around the world.

We aim to strengthen a distinctive identity, nurture our bonds, support the strength of the Group, and proudly feel part of a common and rewarding journey.

We have laid the foundation for significant future projects, driven by a strong passion for hospitality and consulting and a strong sense of social responsibility. We commit to operate with determination, integrity, and sustainability, gathering strength from sharing a common path.

AG GROUP S.R.L. Via Nazionale 200 – 00184 Roma, Italy - T +39 06.99330701 - F +39 06.99330702 - P.IVA 10367411005
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